• DJ James Stephens

Where it all began...

Updated: May 18, 2018

Now, let’s start from the beginning…

It's 4am. I'm sat in the back of a taxi, heading back from a night out in town with a few mates.

The driver has the radio on.

"What is that absolute tune coming from the radio?" I ask myself. I ask the driver to turn the radio up, louder, and louder!

I shifted from a tired drunkenness to someone alert, and certainly desperate, to figure out the name of this banger!

“What’s this called drive?!” (short for driver here in Bristol).

“I don’t know” he replied.

Desperate to figure it out, as soon as I got home I started to Google the lyrics as I was sat in my kitchen whilst eating a post-town munch from the fridge.

I found it. I was “Lost In Your Love” by “Redlight”.

Eager to find out more I looked on Redlight's Wikipedia page. Thinking it was a band, I was surprised to see: “Hugh Pescod, better known as Redlight is a DJ, record producer, re-mixer and composer from Bristol, England.” – Apart from the vocalist, just one guy made this!

Still sat down in the kitchen, I began to look at his other songs “Get Out My Head”, “Basscone”, “Source 16”, “What you Talkin about?” Admittedly, these songs weren’t what I’d normally listen to, but there was something unique about his sound that made me want to continually find out more and discover the sound of Redlight.

I then began to listen to Rinse FM, and Redlight’s slot which was the first Tuesday of every month, 11pm-1am.

A few months later, whilst at university, I heard about our student radio station, Hub Radio. So without hesitation I applied with my friends, Jon and Josh – we had nothing to lose!