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30th Pearl Wedding Anniversary - A Very Special Day - DJ Log

Today was a good day...

It was my parents' 30th anniversary of all things, and I had arranged a surprise party for them.

Trying to keep it a secret was a big task, but we got there! We invited the friends and family, and it was a great night to be had!

Pomphrey Hill Pavilion, Mangotsfield
 Above: congratulating the parents on reaching 30 years!

The music on the cards was strictly Disco - one of my favourite genres to play! (there's nothing quite like the groovy vibe of disco music, that's for sure).

(We played stuff like this):

The funky music got people dancing - some of the guests wanted to have a go behind the decks, too!

The party was a great success - the only downside was the weather was horrendous when we were packing away - lets just say I got a little wet! Ah well, it can't all be sunshine and rainbows!

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