• DJ James Stephens

The Blue Lagoon Cocktail Bar - Charity Quiz - DJ Log

April 12th 2018 was a great night for many reasons - Charlotte and Andrew, both friends of ours, hosted a charity quiz night at The Blue Lagoon in aid of Dementia UK, to a full house.

It was well organised, and everyone were enjoying themselves with the 2-4-1 cocktails!

Both me and Tom got there early and took part - we were on different teams, and I think Tom's team won!

After the quiz, we got the tunes movin', and the dancefloor groovin'! Check out the clip below!

We even had a Michael Jackson Impersonator in the house! We put on Billie Jean, and he done this!

You can catch us at The Blue Lagoon on the last Thursday of each month!