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Megan's 21st Birthday Party (Beerfest)

Not long ago, in a place not too far away, Feel The Funk Disco made their presence at an exquisite Festival, going by the name of Beerfest! The sun was shining, the decorations were assembled, and the music was on cue!

At one end was the sophisticated Cocktail Bar - fully stocked ready for the party goers - and at the other, a table tennis table, already assembled for the use of Beer Pong (you'd expect nothing less!)

In between there was a beer barrow, a sweet stall, a chill out zone, and of course, the music tent!

As the sun set, the lights slowly became more vibrant. The dancing began, and so did the games!

We had a fantastic night, and we'd like to thank Megan and her family for making us feel so welcome! All the best!


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