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FIVE New Mixes to expose your ears to...

Yes, that's right, we've been on a bit of a mixing marathon at the moment.

First up, we have our brand new 80's Mix! Featuring the likes of Cameo, Whitney Houston, and so many more:

Next up, we have our Indie Rock mix, featuring the likes of Blink 182, Good Charlotte, and Arctic Monkeys! Check it out here:

Our next new mix to show you is our 'Eclectic Mix', which is covers a few different genres, from Hip Hop to 90s Dance, to Drum and Bass! Listen to it here:

Moving on, we would like to present to you our 'Big Room House Mix', featuring the likes of Hardwell, Tommy Trash, and so much more! We made this one a few years back, but we've only just got round to publishing it!

Last but not least, we follow in similar fashion to our Chill House mix, but this time it's Chill Drum and Bass...yes, that's right...A Liquid DnB Mix! Check it out here:

Want us to mix something in particular? Let us know, just drop us a message here.


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