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Elevate Your Drinks Reception with a Touch of Magic

Hey there, soon-to-be newlyweds!

Imagine this: Your guests are mingling, cocktails in hand, the sun setting behind your dream wedding venue, and the perfect soundtrack is playing in the background. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, let’s make it a reality!

Complete Portability for Your Perfect Day

Say goodbye to boring, static DJ setups. With my state-of-the-art, completely wireless equipment, I bring the party to you - literally anywhere. My high-end, wireless setup seamlessly blends into any setting, ensuring the music flows as smoothly as the drinks.

Groove to the Perfect Tunes

Now, let’s talk music. Picture your guests swaying to soulful disco, getting down to funky beats, or soaking up the summer vibes of Ibiza house music. My live mixing is eclectic and dynamic, tailored to enhance every precious moment of your day. Love the classics? Into contemporary hits? Got a favourite genre? Whatever your musical taste, I’ve got just the playlist for you.

A Personalised Touch

Here’s the best part - I’m all about making your day uniquely yours. We’ll chat about your musical preferences and the vibe you want. Whether you’re dreaming of a laid-back, chill atmosphere or an upbeat, lively party, I’ll tailor my service to match your vision perfectly.

Book my Cocktail Hour DJ Service, and let’s create a sophisticated, fun, and unforgettable atmosphere for your wedding’s cocktail hour or drinks reception.

Ready to dance the night away? Let’s make it happen! Find out more here.

Cheers, James 🎧


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