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Bristol City 2 vs 1 MANCHESTER UNITED! - CARABAO CUP Quarter Final - DJ Log


There's only one word to describe how unreal the quarter final of the EFL Cup felt, and that was...Unbelievable!

There's nothing quite like a last minute stoppage time winner, but when it's against the biggest club in the world, that feeling of 'special' goes off the Richter scale!

On December 20th 2017, Bristol City made history for all the right reasons, and we had the fortune of being there - hosting in the prestigious, Heineken Lounge of all places.

Of course, it was a sell-out crowd, which made the atmosphere absolutely electric.

As the players walked on to the pitch, they were met with a thunderous applause.

Something must have got the City players going, because at half-time, they were one nil up!

Bristol City beating Man U at half time
Bristol City 1 nil up at half time

Man United equalised then with a superb free-kick from none other than Ibrahimovic!. But that didn't put Bristol City's heads down


Korey Smith went on to go and score an injury-time winner, to send the crowd into uproar. The scenes were unreal to say the least!

Back in the Heineken Lounge, spirits were high! We kept up the tempo with some feel-good tunes...Dancing In The Moonlight, Ain't No Mountain, Come On Eileen...

This night will never be one to forget!


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